Android malware poses text threat

The latest malware designed for Android forwards a copy of your SMS to Russian criminals.

Raspberry Pi kits to form drone shield

A US engineer is trying to sell the idea of an open source drone detection system built out of shedloads of Raspberry Pi kits.

Text messaging displaced by social net apps

Web messaging services like WhatsApp have surpassed SMS text traffic for the first time ever, according to a report from Informa.

Android phones hijacked for botnet

If you've downloaded any free Android games recently and don't have an unlimited SMS plan, you may be in for a nasty surprise when the next phone bill hits the mat.

Txt msgs r 20 yrs old today

The first text message was sent 20 years ago today, and texting is now more popular than talking, according to British telecoms regulator Ofcom.

Pro-Assad hackers hijack al-Jazeera service

Hackers supporting the Syrian government have hacked the mobile service of the al-Jazeera news network.

iOS flaw allows SMS spoofing

A well-known hacker claims to have found a significant security flaw in iOS, allowing SMS messages to be spoofed.

Free SMS service launched by Hotmail co-founder

Hotmail was so well-liked by users that Microsoft acquired it for around $400 million. Now Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia is hoping for similar success with Jaxtr SMS, a free text messaging service.

India restricts cellphone users to 100 texts per day

In a move that will strike terror into the hearts of teenagers everywhere, India's telecoms regulator has today introduced a cap on the number of text messages that can be sent from a mobile phone.

Leaked Windows 8 build shows Microsoft going FTW

A leaked version of Windows 8 (build 7989) seems to indicate that Remdond is finally getting serious about coding a halfway decent operating system.

Changing the world - one line of code at a time

Members of Random Hacks of Kindness recently met at a so-called "Hackathon" in Silicon Valley, with the goal of promoting technology to help address worldwide problems.

Half a billion to use mobile ticketing in three years' time

More than half a billion people worlwide will be using their smartphones as travel tickets by 2015, says a new report - assuming that any of us have jobs at all by then, that is.

Fake radiation text spreads across Asia

The Philippine government has been forced to issue a denial, following the spread of a hoax SMS message warning of a radiation hazard to the country.

British government protests over pro-Mubarak texts 'from Vodafone'

The British foreign secretary, William Hague, has complained to the Egyptian government after Vodafone revealed that it was forced to send out pro-Mubarak texts during the unrest in the country over the last week.

Text messaging set to rocket next year

More than seven trillion SMS messages will be sent next year, according to ABI Research.

Kaspersky identifies rogue Android Trojan

Kapersky Lab has positively identified what it describes as the first Trojan-SMS designed to compromise Android smartphones.

Google wants everyone to have a Voice

Google has ended a long-standing "invitation only" policy for its Voice platform. However, the service is still only available to users within the United States.

Skyfire unlocks Flash video for Android

Skyfire has launched the first Flash video enabled mobile browser for Android-powered devices. 

Report: Microsoft prepping new version of Windows Live

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new version of Windows Live, which has apparently been dubbed "Wave 4" by a team of very bored marketeers.

TelCentris debuts VoxOx universal translator

TelCentris has debuted its VoxOx universal, real-time translator (UT) at the 2010 Mobile World Congress.