Titanic hitting theaters in 4D?!

Titanic, the movie that made James Cameron king of the world, is back in theaters in 3D. 

The stench of 4D isn't going away

Be careful not to say bad things out loud because they may happen. That's the old superstition anyways, and I hope I didn't cause it happen when I joked about 4D, or what used to be called Smell-O-Vision.

Yes, Robert Rodriguez is bringing Smell-O-Vision back

When we last took a look back at the...ah...cinematic innovation known as Smell-O-Vision, it was supposed to be all in fun. 

Smell-O-Vision somehow lingers on

Smell-O-Vision was the innovation of Mike Todd, who also produced the film Around the World in Eighty Days, and developed Todd-AO big screen cinematography.  

Smell-O-Vision is back!

More than fifty years since the one and only film to use Smell-O-Vision was screened, engineers have developed a small box that can fit on the back of a television and pump out odors.