Claim: Sony's NGP is "dead on arrival"

No one can deny that Sony's NGP ratchets up handheld console gaming to a whole 'nother level. But Ngmoco boss Neil Young believes the long-awaited device is DOA nonetheless.

Are smartphones killing handheld consoles?

John Carmack of id Software believes the 3DS (Nintendo) and NGP (Sony) could represent the last generation of specialized handheld consoles.

Cyber criminals target smartphones

It seems as if nefarious cyber criminals are now seriously targeting mobile devices as well as PCs. Indeed, malicious attacks against mobile phones increased by a staggering 46 percent last year.

Report: Android smartphones could get Honeycomb "lite"

Honeycomb - which Google coded from scratch (from the ground up) - has been designated a tablet-specific operating system. 

However, certain elements of the slick OS are likely to find their way into future smartphone-friendly versions of Android.

Is Android Honeycomb a "tablet only" OS?

After months and months of anticipation, rumor has it that Android 3.0 - a.k.a Honeycomb - may never arrive on smartphones, at least in its current form.

Report: Nvidia prepping Tegra 3D processor

Nvidia is reportedly planning to ship a 3D enabled Tegra 2 processor later this year.

Universal phone chargers to appear early next year

European cellphone users could soon be traveling a little lighter, with the release of a technical specification for a universal charger.

IBM sees a holographic future

Researchers at IBM predict that mobile smartphones will be capable of projecting holographic 3D images by the year 2015.

Say goodbye to the PC-centric era

The PC-centric is drawing to an unceremonious close, with smartphones, tablets and other mobile app-enabled devices expected to outpace PC sales over the next 18 months.

Apple beats RIM to number two smartphone spot

Apple's finally overtaken RIM in terms of worldwide smartphone sales and is creeping up behind market-dominating Nokia.

Sony Ericsson alters mobile strategy

Sony Ericsson is altering its mobile strategy to focus on lucrative, high-end smartphones.

Intel sobers up about x86 mobile

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has acknowledged that the company's entry into the smartphone and tablet markets is likely to be an uphill battle as it struggles to compete against entrenched ARM-based devices. 

Fable III goes mobile with geo-location makeover

Microsoft has announced a mobile version of Fable III that is expected to offer (European) players a unique geo-location gaming experience as they hunt for gold and claim land across a virtual Continent.

Zeus malware targets LinkedIn users

Cisco security researchers have positively identified a malicious spam campaign targeting LinkedIn users with fake contact requests.

Consumer electronic spending plummets as recession worsens

The US consumer electronics (CE) market has been hit disproportionately hard by the Great Recession, with households projected to spend 17% less on CE in 2010 than the previous year.

Intel showcases Tunnel Creek SoC at IDF 2010

Intel is showcasing its next-gen Atom E600 SoC lineup at IDF 2010. 

Formerly codenamed "Tunnel Creek," the versatile E600 features an open interconnect that allows the chip to be easily fitted into a wide variety of form factors, including in-car infotainment systems, Internet phones and smart grid devices.

Nokia launches four Symbian^3 smartphones

Nokia's mobile head Anssi Vanjoki may have quit, but that didn't stop him appearing at the Nokia World conference to announce four new Symbian^3 smartphones as his final swan song.

More changes at Nokia as smartphone head quits

Following the appointment of Stephen Elop as CEO, Nokia's head of mobile solutions Anssi Vanjoki has resigned after just six weeks in the job.

Android marches forward as iOS slips

Google's Android army is marching bravely forward, while Apple's iOS continues to rapidly lose market share.

Dual-core Tegra to power LG Optimus smartphones

Nvidia's blazingly fast dual-core Tegra processor will reportedly power LG's next-gen lineup of Optimus smartphones.