Yes, smartphones are catching up to current-gen consoles

We all know the current console cycle has gone on for far too long, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 hitting store shelves way back in 2005.

These satellites are powered by Google Nexus smartphones

Putting a satellite into orbit is a rather expensive endeavor that typically costs millions of dollars.

Video: Argos feeds data hungry mobile devices

Researchers at Rice University have developed new multi-antenna technology that could potentially help wireless providers keep pace with data-hungry smartphones and tablets.

GameKlip turns your Android smartphone into a portable console

One of the biggest problems mobile gamers have with their smartphones are the controls, or lack thereof.

Patent award against RIM could make all smartphones unaffordable

As if it wasn't having a bad enough time already, RIM's been ordered to pay out $147.2 million in damages to Mformation Technologies over patents related to the remote management of wireless devices.

Vision-based gesture recognition on the way for smartphones

Gestures are so ingrained in human culture that it is virtually impossible to communicate without moving your hands or gesticulating with your fingers while in conversation.

API glitch may explain fast-draining phone batteries

Almost a quarter of apps that contain Android's explicit power control APIs, or wakelocks, may have major battery-draining bugs.

Samsung knocks Nokia off smartphone top spot

The king is dead; long live the king. After a 14-year run, Nokia has finally lost its crown as the world's leading cellphone manufacturer.

Samsung preps flexible mobile displays for 2012 launch

Samsung is reportedly prepping a lineup of flexible color displays that could launch by the end of 2012 and find its way into devices such as smartphones and tablets by 2013.

RIM to focus on business customers as sales slide

RIM has announced a fourth quarter loss of $125 million, and says it plans to pull out of the consumer market.

Next-gen Nokioa phones may pack NFC, wireless charging

In many parts of the world, Nokia sells more mobile phones than any other competitor, even if those devices are in the low-end and medium-range of the market.

Intel's Medfield is a "credible" SoC for smartphones

A prominent Silicon Valley analyst believes that Intel's recently introduced x86 Medfield platform is a "credible SoC" for smartphones.

Obsessed smartphone users experience 'phantom vibrations'

Many people are so hooked on their phones that they experience 'phantom vibrations' and think they've received a text when they haven't.

Can smartphones replace traditional cameras?

Smartphones - rather than traditional cameras - are apparently becoming the go-to devices for users taking casual photos and videos on the fly.

ARM rolls out its MALI-T658 GPU

ARM has debuted the Mali-T658 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), the latest addition to its Midgard architecture-based GPU family.

Analyst claims ARM threat is exaggerated

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile space (smartphones and tablets) with its low-power sipping RISC-based architecture.

Canonical wants Ubuntu on tablets and smartphones

Canonical has confirmed plans to expand its Ubuntu Linux distribution to tablets, smartphones and other mobile interactive devices.

Why Intel left the TV market

Slow sales of Google TV units apparently prompted Intel to ditch the hyper-competitive TV system-on-chip (SoC) market and shift its focus to smartphones and tablets. 

AMD wants Android on x86 APUs

Google's popular Android operating system is typically associated with RISC-powered ARM devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones can spy as you type on your PC

Don't get paranoid, but a Georgia Tech research team says it's possible to use a phone to track what a person's typing on their keyboard nearby.