Is there life after Android?

As a long-term Verizon user, I was overjoyed when the company offered its first real Android phone back in 2009.

MIT uses smartphone motion sensors to improve wireless connectivity

Wireless communication has shifted over the years, from widespread radio access to limited range WiFi and cell coverage.

This Steampunk Android phone costs $50K

This Android-powered Ulysse Nardin Chairman is Steampunk as hell and priced, well, a bit on the expensive side.

This wind turbine charges your smartphone

In most cases, if you’re placing your cell phone near the window to re-charge, you’re relying on a solar charger to provide the juice. 

...And Webtop HDMI for all

An XDA Dev member known as "Fenny" has posted modded versions of APKs used to initiate Webtop mode on a rooted Atrix 4G via a standard HDMI connection.

Qualcomm's secret mobile weapon: Augmented Reality

The mobile industry will soon undergo a massive consolidation of the smartphone/tablet space. We simply have too many vendors and Intel's focused entry later this year should force the ARM vendors to merge, some to fail, and only the strongest will survive. 

Acer wants a WP7 smartphone

Windows Phone 7 is quickly gaining momentum, with Nokia selecting the rapidly-evolving platform for its flagship mobile OS and analytics firms recording a 66% increase in WP7 app starts over recent weeks. So it comes as little surprise that Acer now wants a piece of Microsoft’s potentially lucrative WP7 pie.

Is Sony's NGP too niche?

Sony's NGP is definitely one sweet handheld console with plenty of raw horsepower for hardcore gamers. But one analyst firm is warning that the NGP may actually be too niche and will likely face "diminished prospects" because of casual smartphone gaming.

An iPad? How uncool

Hoping to pull? Ditch the smartphone and get a dog.

Google Cloud printing for mobile devices goes live

Google has launched a beta version of its Cloud Print service for mobile documents and mobile Gmail, with the new capabilities expected to be rolled out to English speaking users in the US over the next few days.

Team to send Android phone into space

A British team is planning to blast an Android phone into space, to see how well it stands up to the ordeal and whether it could be used to control a satellite.

Google says it wants a mobile revolution

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says Mountain View is preparing to spearhead a mobile revolution that will help redefine the role of the smartphone.

Why Microsoft may succeed in the tablet market

Microsoft is struggling to claw a place for itself in the competitive smartphone market which is currently dominated by Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). But will Redmond have an easier time breaking into the lucrative tablet world?

Can mobile devices help accelerate 3D adoption?

3D - while potentially quite lucrative - is still very much a niche business. But one analyst believes that mobile devices could help bring the nascent standard to the masses.

Video: Google launches Nexus S smartphones into space

Google engineers recently catapulted 7 Nexus S smartphones to the edge of space using huge helium-filled weather balloons.

Top 7 smartphone apps for the bored holiday traveler

Sometimes the lure of holiday cookies and a little bubbly on New Years Eve is enough to make us do crazy things.

Warning: LG Star puts your smartphone to shame

LG's upcoming Star smartphone features some pretty tricked-out specs that will put your current device to shame.

Hacking a smartphone is easier than you think

When we think smartphone, we think: smart. When we think of someone who leaves the front door of their home with piles of financial and personal information laying about, we think: dumb.

Acer smartphone wants to be a tablet

Acer has debuted a sleek and sexy Android-powered smartphone that boasts a huge 4.8" widescreen, along with a striking 21:9 aspect ratio.

iControl transforms your smartphone into a gamepad

Gaming on an Android smartphone may be fun and sweet, but it really isn’t the same as playing with a full-on controller or pad.