Will Intel be inside your next smartphone?

The first Intel-powered x86 (Medfield) smartphone will be hitting the hyper-competitive mobile market in China this summer - courtesy of Lenovo. 

Superlens could put high-powered microscope in your pocket

Cellphones could soon contain an ultra-high-resolution microscope alongside the ubiquitous camera, thanks to a breakthrough by Michigan Technological University professor Durdu Guney.

Intel eyes mobile market with Medfield

The smartphone and tablet markets are currently dominated by ARM's low-power sipping RISC chips. However, Intel is hoping to enter the hyper-competitive space in 2012 with its x86 Medfield SoC.

ARM and Intel gear up for chip war of attrition

ARM's power-conscious RISC chips remain on track to claim a sizable chunk of the traditional notebook PC market over the next few years.

Motorola debuts tricked-out Razr smartphone

Motorola has debuted its long-awaited Droid Razr smartphone.

Microsoft eyes third place in smartphone race

Sales of Windows Phone 7 handsets have been somewhat below Redmond's expectations thus far.

Android smartphones are more popular than ever

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen confirms that 43% of all U.S. smartphone owners have an Android device.

Android gains ground in smartphone war

Google’s wildly popular mobile Android operating system continues to gain ground and now claims 41.8% of the smartphone market.

Samsung touts yet another mobile IM tool

Samsung has launched a mobile instant messaging tool. Dubbed ChatON, the new free service supports the sharing of text, images, hand-written notes and videos across any mobile phone.

LG adds to smartphone lineup with cheaper Optimus Sol

LG Electronics has added the more affordable LG Sol (LG-E730) to its Optimus lineup, which boasts many of the same features as other Optimus handsets.

How to avoid smartphone juice jacking

Have you every heard of smartphone juice jacking? No? Well, don't worry, because you aren't alone.

Samsung has sold 5 million GALAXY S II phones

Samsung is really moving those new GALAXY S II phones. They’ve already sold 5 million of them and they aren’t even for sale in the U.S. yet.

Apple profits seen buoyed by iPad 2 success

Despite dwindling sales of the now "old" iPhone 4, Apple is set to report a 69% rise in profits this quarter. How, you ask? The iPad of course, along with supplemental sales from Mac computers.

HTC violated 2 Apple patents

HTC isn't going to let a court ruling stop them from being a thorn in Apple's side. They're used to being the object of Steve Jobs' hatred by now.

Angry Birds to get location-based "Magic"

If you thought Angry Birds was the simplest of all games, think again. Rovio, the software company behind the Angry Birds franchise, is hoping to take the game to the next level with new location-based functionality.

Asus announces smartphone/tablet combo

Asus has shown off its new Padfone device - an Android phone which slots into the back of a tablet.

HTC unchains smartphone bootloaders

The modding community is chalking up yet another (well-deserved) victory, as HTC CEO Peter Chou says future devices manufactured by his company will boast unlocked bootloaders.

Do Android smartphones leak data?

It seems as if 99% of Android smartphones may be at risk from a "ClientLogin" vulnerability that could allow cyber criminals to view or edit calendar entries, contact info and private web albums. 

Paper-thin, flexible smartphone could revolutionize industry

Within five years, all phones could be as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper, according to a Canadian scientists who's presenting a prototype at a conference in Vancouver next week.

Video: How to turn your EVO 4G smartphone into a desktop PC

Sure, we’ve all dreamed about the day when we can ditch our desktops and laptops for a single mobile device.