App downloads set to slowly decrease

Smartphone owners are projected to download approximately 36 billion apps in 2012 - averaging about 37 native apps for the typical user.

Apple iPhone report sees thinner screen

Reports about the next-generation iPhone - dubbed the iPhone 5 by certain publications and analysts - have reached a crescendo pitch.

Google rules the smartphone market with Android

Google's mobile Android operating system continues to dominate the smartphone market, claiming a whopping 51.8% of the lucrative space in June 2012.

Video: Transporter Pi turns your TV into an Android display

E.S.R. Labs recently showcased the Android Transporter Pi, which allows you to use an HDTV as an external display for Android devices - without plugging an HDMI cable into a smartphone or tablet.

Yes, Mozilla is prepping a Firefox smartphone

Mozilla claims industry support "is growing" for its plans to launch a lineup of HTML5-centric Firefox smartphones.

Intel: Second core detrimental to Android performance

Intel is certainly no stranger to making wild claims for its own products and against the competition.

Leaving Android and RIM for Apple's iPhone

It's no secret that Apple's sleek iPhone is the most popular single smartphone on the market.

Next-gen iPhone could boast 4-inch display, 16:9 aspect ratio

The various rumors, reports and speculation about Apple's next-gen iPhone seem like a never-ending story.

Qualcomm eyes expanded Snapdragon lineup

According to Engadget, multiple variants of dual and quad-core S4 CPUs are headed to a number of diverse and lucrative markets, including connected HDTVs, set-top boxes, PCs and next-gen Windows 8 devices.

LG showcases 5-inch 1080p mobile display

Smartphone displays have become slightly larger, with higher resolutions over the past year. Indeed, it's fairly common for current high-end smartphones to boast HD resolution supporting 720p.

ARM seeks 10%-20% PC market share by 2015

ARM says it remains on track to claim approximately 10%-20% of the notebook PC market by 2014 or 2015. 

Next iPhone may feature a larger display

Apple rumors never die, they just multiply. The latest?

Government execs ditch BlackBerry for iPhone and Android

There was a time when BlackBerry maker RIM dominated the rather lucrative enterprise and government spaces.

Intel anticipates major smartphone market share

Intel - which only recently debuted its first Android smartphone - says it expects to become a "big player" in the lucrative handset market over the next five years. 

First Intel smartphone hits the streets... of India

Intel has been trying to enter the lucrative smartphone market for years now, but with little tangible success.

Intel wants to be inside your tablet and smartphone

Intel's x86 chips may power the majority of the world's PCs, but Santa Clara says it is now ready to "fine-tune" its processor supply chain to target the tablet and smartphone space.

Google relaxes size restrictions for Android apps

When Google's Android Market first launched in 2008, Mountain View slapped a size limit of 50 MB on app developers.

Report: Google prepping augmented reality glasses

People today are often overwhelmed with huge amounts of data, as our smartphones ring, alert, and chime us to a state of perpetual distraction.

Nvidia touts Mimosa X Android ICS smartphone

Nvidia and ZTE are talking up the new Tegra 2-powered Mimosa X Android smartphone, which is targeted at the mainstream handset market.

How much will an Intel tablet cost?

Intel has been eyeing the lucrative mobile space for years, and is now ready to seriously compete against ARM in the hyper-frenetic race for smartphone and tablet market share.