Video: Tegatech DLI7200 dual-boots Windows and Android

This handheld device dual boots Windows and Android.

This Samsung smartphone is also a desktop PC

Motorola may have failed to attract the mobile masses with its overly-ambitious WebTop hardware, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from moving ahead with its Smart Dock for the Galaxy Note 2. 

Asus Padfone 2 gets official with full specs

Asus didn't do all that well with its original Padfone - a platform that attempted to combine a smartphone with a tablet sleeve.

LG Nexus smartphone specs get detailed

LG is reportedly prepping an Android Nexus smartphone based on its flagship Optimus G handset.

Jolla wants a Sailfish smartphone

A team of ex-Nokia employees has managed to raise $257.8 million to launch a "new" mobile operating platform based on MeeGo, an operating system jointly developed and recently abandoned by Intel and Nokia.

The dissatisfied maps of iOS 6

A recent survey conducted by a consumer research firm known as On Device recently polled 16,000 Apple iPhone owners in the United States.

Using your Android device as a PS3 Netflix remote

How to transform your Android smartphone into a PS3 Netflix remote.

Motorola RAZR i powered by Intel

Motorola Mobility has introduced the Razr i, a slick smartphone that is powered by an Intel x86 chip rather than a RISC-based ARM processor. 

NexCrea wants to replace your laptop with an Android smartphone

A startup known as NexCrea is working on a concept Android smartphone that can be used as a handset, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Nokia Lumia 920 specs get detailed

Microsoft and Nokia are slated to debut the latest Lumia 920 handset on September 5. 

Edge-to-edge screen for Motorola's next-gen smartphone?

Motorola Mobility and Verizon will reportedly introduce a next-gen smartphone on September 5 that features an edge-to-edge screen and works with LTE networks.

Smartphone app tracks battlefield targets

New software takes advantage of smartphones’ GPS and imaging abilities to pinpoint the location of distant objects as well as monitoring their speed and direction.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II smartphone reloads

Samsung rolled out its long-awaited Galaxy Note II smartphone today at IFA 2012 in Berlin. 

Leaked RAZR M 4G LTE specs are in the wild

Specs for the slick new RAZR smartphone have leaked just days ahead of Motorola’s September 5th Verizon event.

This old Android smartphone is now a server

Who doesn’t have an old Android smartphone or two sitting around on their desk in the shadows just gathering dust?

Judge overturns massive patent penalty against RIM

A Californian judge has overturned a widely-criticized ruling that RIM infringed an Mformation patent.

Facial recognition coming to a smartphone near you

Facial recognition for the masses was once relegated to the pages of science fiction novels and futuristic dystopian worlds shown on the big screen.

This Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G streams live mobile TV

Wireless provider MetroPCS has become the first company in the US to offer a smartphone capable of receiving and streaming free live mobile DTV broadcasts.

The perils of updating your smartphone OS

I was recently thinking about smartphones and how some of them, depending on age and model, won’t let you update the OS. Now some may think this poses a problem, but frankly, I wonder.

Android smartphone market share declines slightly

Handsets powered by Google’s popular Android operating system have apparently lost some ground to Apple’s iPhone in the lucrative US smartphone space.