Huawei teases tricked-out Mate phablet

Huawei showcases tricked-out phablet ahead of CES 2013. 

Motorola designs a Google "X" smartphone

Google-owned Motorola is reportedly working on a "sophisticated" handset that is slated to hit physical and virtual shelves in 2013.

Emulate the Mac Plus on your Android tablet or smartphone

The Macintosh Plus computer - introduced on January 16, 1986 - was the third iteration of Apple's Macintosh line, ran System 7 (OS) and weighed in at a cool $2,599.

Smartphones monitor air pollution

The portable pollution sensor known as ‘Citisense’ delivers real-time data on air quality to the user’s mobile and home computer.

Geek installs inductive charging pad inside his desk

Most smartphone owners out there will undoubtedly agree that messing about with wires to charge a handset is rather inconvenient.

Report: Foxconn is manufacturing an Amazon smartphone

Reports of an Amazon-branded smartphone have been circulating since 2011.

Samsung mobile (Exynos) kernel found vulnerable to exploit

There are a number of talented hackers and modders working around the clock to root as many Android devices as they can.

Sony's "Yuga" is a tricked-out smartphone

Sony is reportedly prepping a 5-inch 1080p smartphone codenamed "Yuga."

Pentagon targets mobile data extraction

Hollywood often makes it seem easy for the police or military to covertly access data stored on a tablet or smartphone.

Samsung eyes 2013 launch for Galaxy Note III

Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch its Galaxy Note III "phablet" sometime in 2013. The device is slated to boast an even bigger screen than its predecessor which sports a 5.5-inch screen.

This YotaPhone is loaded with E Ink and LCD displays

Over the last several months, we've seen a number of smartphone prototypes with a low power E-Ink display on one side and a traditional LCD on the other.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may boast "unbreakable" OLED display

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 handset is one of the most popular smartphones on the market.

The iPhone 5 pans 360°

Perhaps the most practical experience most of us have with 360° cameras and the images they produce is  Google's Street View platform.

Samsung Galaxy Axiom is in the wild

In the market for a new smartphone and happen to live in an area with coverage by US Cellular? You might want to check out the new Samsung Galaxy Axiom which operates on the carrier's 4G LTE network.

Android powers this remote control car

It's definitely fun to see the projects people manage to cook up with open source software and hardware.

Video: A closer look at Jolla's Sailfish mobile OS

Sailfish wants to be a mobile contender. 

NTSB ditches Blackberry for iPhone 5

RIM loses yet another major federal client.

Samsung touts advanced storage for slim smartphones and tablets

Samsung has rolled out its next-generation 64 GB embedded multimedia card (eMMC). Dubbed the eMMC Pro Class 2000, the 64GB cards are manufactured using 10nm class process technology.

Motorola Atrix HD for devs boasts an unlocked bootloader

Atrix HD developer edition proudly offers modders and devs an unlocked bootloader.

Report: Redmond wants a Microsoft-branded smartphone

Microsoft is reportedly testing an indigenously designed Windows 8 smartphone with a number of Asian hardware suppliers.