Video: Google Nexus One orbits the Earth inside phonesat

Phonesat STRaND-1 -  a nanosatellite carrying a Google Nexus One smartphone - was launched into orbit from India earlier this week. 

Intel vows to accelerate mobile computing initiative

Intel says it is accelerating its mobile computing push with new Atom chips for Android smartphones and tablets, along with a multimode-multiband LTE platform due to ship in the first half of 2013.

Asus debuts PadFone Infinity and FonePad in Barcelona

Asus pulled the wraps off of several new devices during Mobile World Congress 2013 this week in Barcelona, Spain. 

LG's Optimus G Pro gets official

LG has officially announced its latest smartphone in Korea, but the long-awaited device will be coming to the United States as well.

Paranoid Android 3 goes live for Nexus lineup

Paranoid Android can best be described as a customized version of Google's mobile Android operating system loaded with a feature known as Hybrid Engine (HE). 

Video: Polytron builds a transparent smartphone

Over the past few years, there have been a number of manufacturers who attempted to switch up the status quo in terms of mobile device form factors.

Intel and Acer debut Liquid C1 smartphone

Acer has debuted an Intel x86-powered smartphone built around the latter company's Lexington SoC architecture which is aimed at emerging mobile markets.

Tablet users spend more on content

Approximately 200 million tablets will have shipped worldwide since 2009, with an additional 1 billion tablets forecasted to ship over the next 5 years.

Android claims 70% smartphone market share

Strategy Analytics confirms that Google's wildly popular mobile operating system claimed approximately 70.1% of the lucrative smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2012.

This dual-screen smartphone could be big in Japan

Dual-screen smartphones are not exactly a new concept, although there aren't very many, if any, such devices on the mainstream mobile market.

LG Optimus G Pro gets official

A few days ago, a leaked slide turned up teasing the LG Optimus G Pro, along with a few basic specs.

Mozilla debuts Firefox OS dev phones

Mozilla has been coding and refining its mobile-specific Firefox OS for quite some time now.

Nokia buoyed by Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones

Nokia has published its fourth-quarter financial results which were buoyed by better-than-expected mobile sales and exceeded industry expectations.

Samsung showcases flexible OLED smartphone prototype

Samsung is showcasing a rather interesting smartphone prototype that boasts a flexible OLED screen at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. 

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 expected at CES 2013

Corning's stalwart Gorilla Glass has been used to cover sensitive LCD smartphone and tablet displays for quite some time now.

40% of all Android devices run 4.0 or higher

There are a massive number of Android devices - including smartphones and tablets - on the mobile market today.

Linux Ubuntu is the latest smartphone OS

Canonical has introduced a smartphone-specific version of Linux Ubuntu which uses all four edges of the screen to render a more immersive UI experience.

Report: Samsung is prepping a Tizen-based smartphone

Japan's NTT Docomo has teamed up with Samsung and Intel to promote the development of a new mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets.

ZTE's Grand S phablet boasts a 5-inch HD display

A phablet is basically a device that boasts a larger screen than your typical smartphone, yet is smaller than your average tablet.

Video: Xsens showcases wearable 3D body motion tracking system

3D body motion tracking has been used by Hollywood studios to make films and video games for years.