Report: Samsung prepping Galaxy Gear smart watch

Samsung is reportedly prepping a "Galaxy Gear" wearable computing device (smart watch) which the industry heavyweight is likely to debut at its "Unpacked Episode 2" event slated for September 4th.

Report: Smart watch shipments to hit 5 million units in 2014

It's true that current-gen smart watches have gotten off to a relatively slow start, although the status quo is likely to be shaken up in 2014.

Report: Google eyes Android smart watch and game console

Mountain View is reportedly preparing to launch an Android-powered smartwatch along with a dedicated game console.

Report: Former Xbox and Kincet teams shifted to smart watch duty

Microsoft is apparently taking its rumored smart watch quite seriously, as former members of Redmond's flagship Xbox and Kinect team are reportedly working on the device.

Will 2013 be the year of the smart watch?

Smart watches have been around in one form or another for the last decade.

Report: Google wants in on smartwatch race

Rumors and speculation over an impending smartwatch race amongst industry heavyweights have been increasing in recent months.

Analyst: Apple iWatch is $6 billion opportunity

Although Apple has yet to confirm the existence of a smart watch, Citigroup analyst Oliver Chen believe the device may represent a multi-billion dollar opportunity for Cupertino.

Neptune Pine is an Android-powered smart watch

The first time I actually wanted to own a specific watch was back in the 80's when those Casio calculator devices first became popular.

This smart watch is inspired by buzzing insects

Watches that do more than tell time have been an obsession of gadget makers since the early comic book days.

Ship date announced for Pebble smartwatch

The Pebble 'smart watch' that's generated so much interest on Kickstarter now has a ship date - 23rd January - with the 85,000 backers of the project set to receive their watches a few weeks later.