Daimler teases new smart electric car

Daimler’s small city car brand smart has unveiled a new model known as fortwo edition citybeam that is available in an electric only option. The price of the zero emissions option offering will run over $27,000 at start (over $31,000 for a convertible), and does not include a monthly battery rental fee.

How to make "dumb" homes smart

Accurate information about what’s going on at home – both outside and in – is key when seeking energy savings.

Smart ForTwo EV to hit US roads

The smart electric fortwo – billed as the least expensive electric vehicle on the U.S. market – is making its way to dealership, Mercedes-Benz USA said this week, with an interesting twist: You can buy the car without a battery if you want to.

US smart electric fortwo EV to sell on the cheap

Daimler's mini-car division smart recently announced it will soon begin selling what it calls the most affordable production electric vehicle in the US.

Smart Forstars EV concept one really big movie projector

Certain concept cars stand out because of some slick green technology that could someday make it into actual production. 

Smart headlights shine around the rain

Imagine driving at night in a rainstorm - but still being able to see clearly, with the raindrops almost invisible.