Wonder Woman marches forward on the CW

It’s funny how pop culture serendipity works.

Smallville continues - as a comic book

DC Entertainment has announced that Smallville: Season 11 will be part of this year's comic book line-up.

Rumor: Smallville novel in the works

It seems as if we may soon have a Smallville epilogue in novel form, penned by the lead writer on the series, Brian Q Miller.

CW developing Deadman for television

It’s been a year since Smallville finished its tenure, and some have been wondering why nothing has stepped up to fill the gap.

On the bites and brothers in Teen Wolf

Over the weekend, MTV debuted its new supernatural teen drama series, Teen Wolf. It wasn’t as bad as a expected.

Superman finds Lois, Smallville

Two pieces of news in the production of the new Superman movie popped up this weekend. The part of Lois Lane has been cast, and the shooting location has been found for the Smallville portions of the film.