Almost Human is a DVR Winner

A week ago Almost Human debuted, and it got good reviews, as well as pretty strong ratings. And like a lot of shows these days, Almost Human has gotten a nice boost from DVR ratings. 

Haunting Sleepy Hollow

The Fox show Sleepy Hollow has gotten off to a strong start in the ratings, and it’s great to see horror back with a vengeance on TV. Not only does the show have the writing powerhouse of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers), but it also stars Orlando Jones, who I loved on Mad TV.

Sleepy Hollow Going Strong, But Is Revolution In Trouble?

It’s been a great year for genre TV, and as a long time horror fan, I’m especially ecstatic to see it making a big return to the small screen. In this regard, not only is the new series Sleepy Hollow a hit, it’s also officially the first hit show of the fall season.

Sleepy Hollow is Apparently a Winner

As a long time horror fan, I’m digging the fact that the genre has made a big comeback to TV. There used to be horror series and TV movies all the time back in the ‘70’s, and it’s nice to see it coming back round again.

One Sleepy Hollow gets Orlando Jones, time-travel

Some interesting new details emerge about  Fox’s serialized adaptation of the classic horror story.

The dueling Ichabods of Sleepy Hollow

In yet another case of simultaneous development, two networks have ordered pilots for a new series called Sleepy Hollow.

Team Abrams screenwriters rebooting Sleepy Hollow

Once again, we’ve got two competing projects in Hollywood, and oddly enough, they’re both competing Sleepy Hollows for television.