More Early Godzilla Reactions

First there was the tweet from famous guitarist Slash, formerly of Guns N Roses. He’s actually seen Godzilla months in advance, and he really liked it a lot. “F’n epic” was his response. Now some other people have seen twenty minutes of the new model Godzilla. The verdict?

Guitarist Slash Says the New Godzilla is Cool

In addition to being the former guitarist of Guns N Roses, Slash has had a lengthy solo career, and he’s also a big fan of genre films, especially stuff with big dinosaurs and monsters. So of course he’s going to have an interest in the new incarnation of Godzilla, which is coming on May 16.

Why Guitar Hero went under

It wasn’t that long ago that Guitar Hero was the hottest thing in gaming, and it also temporarily saved the music business for a little while as well.

The rock 'n roll of Marshall amps

It’s hard to imagine rock and roll without Marshall amps, as the British based company has set the standard for big, loud, distorted amplifiers since the sixties.

Slash's app for destruction

If you're a musician and want to record yourself or your band, you don't need to book time in a top-notch studio anymore. 

Unplugging: The Melvins are back

This week, music news seems to take on an air of historical magnitude, what with a Guinness World Record attempt, an upcoming biographical movie, a social media team-up, unlikely concert ban and more.

Metallica goes 3D and Slash hits the charts

As we've reported previously, Metallica's currently working on its next album, as well as their own music festival, along with a 3D movie, which they'll be funding themselves. 

Why there will never be a GNR reunion

Slash has a new solo album out, Apocalyptic Love, which means of course he's forced deal with the same question he'll be asked for the rest of his life: will a GNR reunion ever happen?

Unplugging: Dysfunctional bands on hiatus

Bad news for music fans this week, as groups, both voluntarily and involuntarily, have rejected reunions, decided on indefinite hiatuses and cancelled huge shows.

The Marshall legend of rock n' roll

This past week we lost a major legend of rock n' roll, Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall amps. 

Demanding a Guns ‘N Roses reunion

Who didn’t love Guns N' Roses when they exploded on the scene with Appetite For Destruction?

Guns 'N Roses hits the charts again

Appetite For Destruction, the debut albumn of Guns 'N Roses, made quite an impact on the music industry over the years. 

Released in the summer of 1987, the album helped GNR became the biggest band in the world - albeit for a brief shining moment.

Slash tweets Van Halen

With Van Halen's new album, A Different Kind of Truth, finally unleashed on the world February 7, and with big first week sales projections in an era when nobody's buying any music at all, the band is indeed finally back. 

The rock book biz

These days rock and roll memoirs seem like reality TV shows in that you'd think everyone's got one.

Does anyone care about Van Halen's new album?

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire, and apparently this time they're true.

The thrill of guitar pr0n

No, guitar porn is not some new form of adult entertainment, it means the thrill of great guitar playing and gear for those who love the instrument.

Axl Rose sues Activision for $20 million

Ah, the perils of rock n’ roll decadence! Yes, Guns N' Roses vocalist Axl Rose - who seems pretty tied up - has told Activision to get in the friggin' ring for a $20 million lawsuit.