Skype says it’s getting better all the time

Skype says it is currently in the process of "addressing" a "configuration problem" that unceremoniously disconnected a number of users from the popular service.

Skype is down. Again.

Oh dear. Skype is down, at least for an awful lot of users around the world.

Huge glitch cripples Skype users

A monumental problem with Skype's online servers has users reeling in frustration.

Just what is the "post-PC" era, exactly?

Sure, we've all heard the phrase "post-PC" era bandied about over the past few months. But what does it mean, exactly?

Microsoft's Skype acquisition could change the world

The Microsoft-Skype merger is potentially the beginning of the biggest change in technology since the PC. Of course, this is hardly the industry's first attempt to redefine the lucrative space.

Microsoft snaps up Skype for $8.5 billion

Microsoft has acquired Skype for a cool $8.5 billion in cash.

Rumor: Microsoft takes on Facebook & Google for a piece of Skype

After postponing an initial IPO earlier this year, Skype has attracted new potential partners or buyers such as Facebook, Google, and now… Microsoft?

Skype bug lets hackers take over Macs

Australian security outfit Pure Hacking says it's discovered a zero-day bug in Skype that allows hackers to gain control of Mac OS X machines by sending an instant message.

Report: Facebook & Google in talks to buy Skype

In a rat race to the finish, both Facebook and Google are reportedly thinking about purchasing Skype after the company delayed its initial public offering.

Skype Android app fixes security, adds 3G calling

Skype erases security concerns and adds features in one shot.

Skype acknowledges Android vulnerability

Skype says it working to protect Android users from a critical security vulnerability.

Skype for Android vulnerability exposes names and chat logs

An eagle-eyed developer has positively identified a critical vulnerability in the Android version of Skype that can be exploited to reveal names, phone numbers and chat logs.

Achievements granted at first ever "Appy Awards"

Honoring excellence in the mobile app arts, Angry Birds and Facebook are among the inaugural winners of the so-called Appy Awards.

Russian FSB wants to ban Skype and Gmail

If the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) had its way, the agency would ban Skype, Hotmail and Gmail in the former communist country.

Law enforcement goes virtual: cops turn to Skype

When police in Palm Beach hope to make an arrest in DUI cases, they turn to Skype - the popular video calling and chat application.

Privacy campaigners lay into Skype

Campaigning group Privacy International is accusing Skype of putting its users at risk through a series of security holes.

Yes, ads are coming to Skype

Like all good things, the days of an advertisement-free Skype experience seem destined to end.

Skype launches new iPhone app with improved TV calling

Today Skype launched its version 3.0.1 iPhone app, which gives users video calling capabilities on a TV with more devices that support the app.

Skype brings video over 3G to iPhone users

Skype has added video call support to its iPhone app, allowing users to make video calls over Wifi - and over 3G, which Apple's own Facetime currently doesn't alllow.

Did Skype just confirm a Verizon iPhone?

A seemingly accidentally leaked document from Skype gave us a lot of interesting information, but none more so than what appears to be a direct confirmation of the iPhone becoming available on Verizon's network.