Microsoft job ad hints at Skype for Xbox

Perhaps it wasn't intentional, but Microsoft has announced that it is bringing Skype to the Xbox platform.

Skype beta comes to Windows Phone

Microsoft's today - at last - releasing a beta version of Skype for Windows Phone, giving users free audio and video calls over 3G, 4G or Wifi. The full release is due in April.

Cisco launches EU appeal against Microsoft-Skype merger

Cisco's appealed to the EU against its approval of Microsoft's takeover of Skype, saying it's worried the deal will damage the video calling market.

Skype to be big part of new Windows Phones

Microsoft's next push to make Windows Phone differentiated and relevant will revolve around deep integration with Skype.

Skype offers free airport WiFi for the holidays

Beginning tomorrow, you'll be able to tap into free WiFi access at major airports across the country, courtesy of Skype.

How to make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call in Skype

Sure, we all know that Facebook video calling - launched in July - is powered by Skype. But now you can make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call from within Skype itself.

Skype security flaw allows location tracking

A glaring security flaw's been uncovered in Skype and other VoIP systems, potentially allowing hackers to access users' identities, locations and even files.

Microsoft Skype buyout is officially official

Microsoft has closed the deal to purchase voice-over IP company Skype for a dazzling $8.5 billion.

Report - EU poised to approve Microsoft takeover of Skype

The Financial Times is reporting that EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia has made up his mind on Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Skype - and that he's giving it the go-ahead.

Skype expands Android support

The official Skype for Android app is now compatible with more than a dozen new handsets, making voice and video calling possible for a new slate of Android users.

Automated Skype calls spread scareware

Digital denizens have apparently kicked off a campaign to spread malware and scareware via automated, unsolicited Skype calls.

Skype to acquire group messaging service GroupMe

While Skype waits for its $8.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft to go through, it's been indulging in a little shopping of its own.

Skype adds video calling to latest Android devices

Skype has just pushed out the latest version of its official Android app.

After brief tease, Skype iPad app is official

It popped up on the App Store, was quickly taken down, and now it's back up again - Skype for iPad is here.

Skype for the iPad appears - then disappears again

Skype - inadvertently, it seems - yesterday whetted the appetite of its customers by temporarily releasing the iPad version of its video chat software.

Facebook one ups Google+ with biz launch

After Google locked businesses out of Google+ (for now), Facebook has strategically launched an online guide describing how corporations can benefit from using the social networking site. Excellent timing if you ask me.

Facebook teaming with Skype for integrated video chat?

Just days after Google launched its Google+ social project, Facebook may be about to rain on its parade.

Google challenges Skype with new Chrome video tool

Google is giving Skype a run for its money with plans to integrate audio and video chat software directly into its flagship Chrome browser.

Microsoft Skype deal passes FTC probe

Microsoft's acquisition of Skype has been cleared of federal antitrust questions.

Comcast partners with Skype for TV calling

Comcast aims to bring Skype to the TV-watching masses.