Syrian Electronic Army hacks Skype

How is it that the SEA is soooo good at this hacking thing? And why are they trying to help Steve Ballmer find a new job?

Microsoft alleged to read Skype messages

A security outfit claims it has evidence that Microsoft is reading user Skype messages.

Obama promises net wiretap legislation

It appears that Barack Obama will become known for his internet wiretapping laws.

Hotmail is history

Microsoft has completed the move from Hotmail to the new, which now boasts more than 400 million accounts.

Text messaging displaced by social net apps

Web messaging services like WhatsApp have surpassed SMS text traffic for the first time ever, according to a report from Informa.

Report: Bitcoin mining malware spreads on Skype

Security researchers say they have positively identified a spam message campaign on Skype designed to spread malware with Bitcoin mining capabilities.

Saudi Arabia confirms Skype to be censored

Saudi Arabia’s watchdog has claimed that Skype and Whatsapp flout Saudi Arabia's telecom laws.

BlackBerry steals share from Google and Android

It is starting to look like the new Blackberry Z10 is clawing back customers that RIM lost to Apple and Samsung.

Free Google Voice calls to continue in 2013

Google has confirmed that it will be extending its free phone service for Gmail users in the US and Canada in 2013.

Skype updated for Android devices

Skype has rolled out version 3.0 of its popular application for Android devices, with a specific emphasis on improving the Skype experience on tablets.

Skype disables password resets over big security flaw

Skype has rolled out a fix for a critical security bug.

Microsoft kills off Live Messenger in favor of Skype

Microsoft has announced that it plans to 'retire' its instant messenger client Messenger Live, and shift all its users to Skype.

New Skype version adds Retina support

The latest iteration of Skype's software has just been released, for both Mac and Windows.

Skype for Windows 8 to debut 10/26

A Windows 8 version of Skype, and the first major overhaul for the platform since Microsoft's acquisition, will go live on October 26.

Skype users targeted by ransomware worm

Security researchers are warning of a new Skype worm, spreading through instant messages in English and German to infect users with the Dorkbot ransomware.

Xbox 720 due before 2014, will have Skype

We're getting yet another case of Xbox 720 rumor fever.

Job ad points to Xbox 720 with Skype

It seems like Skype will be a functional part of the next Xbox, but not the current one.

Skype investigates tool used to reveal IP addresses

When it comes to online privacy, the more savvy users are quite serious about keeping certain information like IP addresses under wraps.

Skype lands on Playstation Vita

Sony's newest handheld gaming system just got a little bit cooler.

Skype finally comes to Windows Phone

Skype is now available for Windows Phone.