Opera plans video boost with Skyfire acquisition

Opera is taking over mobile video company Skyfire Labs, in a deal worth around $155 million in cash and stock, with the aim of exploiting its video optimization technology.

Desperate Apple fanbois cause Skyfire outages

Hordes of stampeding, Flash-deprived Apple fanbois have caused Skyfire to temporarily pull its popular browser from Club Cupertino's App Store.

Skyfire bypasses Appleā€™s draconian Flash ban

W00t! iOS users are Flash-less no more! So forget about the draconian Steve Jobs, and download Skyfire for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Skyfire attempts to bypass Apple's mobile Flash ban

Skyfire has submitted an iOS version of its popular mobile browser to Apple's App Store. The browser - which exploits Cloud-based technology - is designed to bypass Club Cupertino's rather heavy-handed mobile Flash ban.

Skyfire unlocks Flash video for Android

Skyfire has launched the first Flash video enabled mobile browser for Android-powered devices.