Barbarella Meets 007

Barbarella is just one of innumerable sci-fi classics that’s been up for rebooting, and like the potential resurrection of Wonder Woman, it’s been a long time coming for both genre heroines.

Genre visual effects at the Oscars

Ever heard the old saying about genre films? They don’t win Academy Awards for Best Picture, but usually sweep the technical awards.

What If Spielberg directed Bond?

With the resurrection of Star Wars, possible lists of directors have shown up all over the 'Net, yet right now it’s just fanboy wishful thinking.

James Bond, sorry, Dyson, caught up in spy scandal

With the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, due to open in British theaters tomorrow, another spy is stealing all the attention in the murky but glamorous world of vacuum cleaners.

Bond is back and better than ever

It’s amazing the James Bond franchise has lasted as long as it has, but on the other hand it’s also easy to understand why he’s still around.

Video: 007 Aston Martin returns in Skyfall

I've been a fan of James Bond movies for many years. Simply put, the franchise always represented more than just action flicks to me.

James Bond hits 50

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first James Bond film, Dr. No.

James Bond is back in books and games

When James Bond hit the silver screen in 1962, everyone wanted to be a spy. The danger, the Cold War intrigue, the gadgets, the women, it all looked so exciting. 

On 007 Skyfall

Many thought it couldn't be done, but the James Bond novel that was long considered "un-filmable" revitalized the Bond franchise, and ushered in Daniel Craig as the new 007.