This shuttle is driverless and autonomous

The world of autonomous electric vehicles as a form of mass transportation is something we’ve mostly seen in science fiction movies to date. There are those around the world though who are testing out these people movers of tomorrow in today’s settings, and one such project is taking root in Singapore between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and JTC Corporation’s CleanTech Park.

Google vows to push governments on gay rights

Google has launched a global campaign aimed at persuading governments to decriminalise homosexuality and eliminate homophobia.

Singapore grows forest of solar-powered supertrees

Usually words like "artificial" and "man-made" bring to mind our poor attempts to replace something natural that's been destroyed by human development.

A robot who can "love"

Nowadays it seems like robots can almost do anything from driving a car to playing soccer, but one thing they can't do is, well, understand love. Well, at least until now.

Want an iPad? Join the Singapore army

In the old days in England, it's said, recruiting sergeants used to hang around bars looking for impecunious drinkers and offering them the 'King's shilling' to join the armed forces.

Study finds new evidence for video game addiction

A new study by an international research team has found more evidence that it really is possible to become addicted to video games.