Sin City To Become a TV Series

It’s hard to remember the last time Robert Rodriguez directed a good movie, and while Sin City had its flaws, it was still pretty cool stuff. The black and white look of the film was also very innovative, back when Rodriguez was still breaking new ground as a filmmaker. 

Sin City sequel is starting to take shape

Last month it was announced that the sequel to the 2005 hit comic book adaptation was out of development, and would begin shooting this summer.

Rodriguez returns with Sin City 2 & Machete Kills

You may recall when Robert Rodriquez first came on the scene with El Mariachi, a movie he allegedly made for $30,000. 

The horror of a Maniac remake

If anyone wanted to start a website that exclusively covered bad genre remake news, well, they’d never be out of business. 

Video: Tokyo's Sin City is waiting

Ready to venture into the red-light, Sin City District of Tokyo for a little cops versus Yakuza action?