Mozilla updates Firefox OS simulator

Mozilla released its first Firefox OS simulator for devs three months ago, while the second version of the app went live in February.

This racing simulator is almost as good as the real thing

I've been on the race track more than a few times and watched drivers zipping around in their sweet little Ariel Atom cars.

Simulator helps prep soldiers for IED attacks

One of the greatest threats US soldiers face in modern combat zones is the IED, or improvised explosive device. 

Ford fine tunes Electric Focus

Ford is looking to release its new electric car, the Focus Electric, for the 2012 model year. 

Japanese boffins develop system for remote kissing and hugging

Japanese scientists have developed a kissing simulator and a hugging simulator designed for long-distance lovers and lonely people respectively.

Taxpayers cough up $434,000 for abstinence simulator

The University of Central Florida is spending approximately $434,000 on a simulator that will be used to promote abstinence amongst pre-teen girls.