EA appointed by Disney for Star Wars deal

While many hoped that once George Lucas got his paws off the Star Wars franchise things would get better, it appears that the new owners -  Disney - might be headed for similar daft decisions.

EA offers free game to grumpy SimCity players

Electronic Arts says it's close to fixing the problems that made the launch of SimCity such a disaster last week, and is offering a free PC game to anyone affected.

SimCity creator defends EA's interpretation of classic title

Despite EA's less-than-stellar-launch of SimCity, the creator of the original game says he is quite pleased with the current interpretation of the classic title. 

SimCity’s day off

One of the most anticipated games of the year has crashed into the market and broken lots of hearts.

Video: Inside the depths of SimCity

The new version of the classic simulator follows individual citizens in their daily lives.

Video: SimCity Deluxe Edition offers more for a price

If you want all of SimCity, it’ll cost an extra $20.

Your SimCity won’t look like my SimCity

The reboot of the classic SimCity franchise is still a couple months out, but fans have already found a couple things to grouse about.

SimCity beta begins this weekend

The reboot of the classic city management sim is ready to test.

SimCity intro does a flyby

EA Games has released a cinematic intro for the city-builder reboot.

5 games to look forward to in 2013

2013 is looking like it’s going to be the year of the sequels in video games.

Video: SimCity prepares for disaster

EA has posted a video for its upcoming city-builder simulation that showcases the natural, and not-so-natural disasters set to be unleashed in the game. 

SimCity dev diary sells garbage to the neighbors

EA has released a video for its upcoming city-builder simulation that showcases the detailed interactions between multiple cities in a specific region.

SimCity launch pushed back to March

Just about every PC gamer I know has spent at least some time playing SimCity at one point or another since the stalwart franchise first kicked off way back in 1989.

Warning: New SimCity will take over your life

If you’re one of those who found the old SimCity video game addictive, brace yourself.

Simcity gameplay footage gambles it all away

Simcity is back under old management.

SimCity goes live on Mac OS X in February

Mac OS X users are currently able to play multiple versions of Sid Meier's Civilization on Steam, but what about the latest iteration of SimCity?

New Sim City details emerge

The new, and long-awaited return to the Sim City series seems like it won't disappoint.

In new Simcity game, Internet is obligatory

You won't be able to play the new Simcity if you aren't persistently connected to the Internet.

Maxis offers peek at New Simcity engine

Check out the technology that's going to be powering the anticipated revival of Simcity.

Simcity making a comeback

After nearly 10 years, a new Simcity game is slated for release.