Michael Dell deal faces further obstacles

Michael Dell and his Silver Lake cash cow pal have been dealt a potential blow in their bid to buyout Dell.

Silver Lake looks likely to close Dell deal

Blackstone has given up its quest to own Dell and cleared the way for tinman Michael Dell and his private equity partner Silver Lake to go ahead with a $24.4 billion deal to acquire the PC maker.

Dell battle of succession resembles Shakespearian tragedy

Opinion Tin-box shifter Michael Dell has found himself in the middle of a three-way proxy war for control of his company and might go out like Richard III screaming for a horse and ending up under a carpark.

Dell goes private in effort to refocus

Michael Dell has announced plans to buy back his eponymous company after 25 years on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Microsoft snaps up Skype for $8.5 billion

Microsoft has acquired Skype for a cool $8.5 billion in cash.