Five trends driving the hardware boom

For years, venture investors and entrepreneurs were all about software. Now, more and more money is flowing into hardware. Hardware startups have long taken a backseat to the glitz and fast track of software, which has been the path to success in Silicon Valley and tech circles elsewhere.

The dark side of Startup City

Few cities have seen as much disruption as San Francisco has over the last 10 years. Once a hotbed of progressive political activism and engagement, the city is being remade in the image of the booming tech industry, headquartered in Silicon Valley to the south.Rents in some of ...

Graphene wants to conquer Silicon Valley

The unique properties of graphene such as its incredible strength and, at the same time, its little weight have raised high expectations in modern material science.

Solar-powered Impulse flies to Texas

The Solar Impulse took off from Phoenix at 4:47 local time yesterday morning and headed to Dallas.

Apple man relocates to AMD - confirmed

Our old friend  Raja Koduri, who was poached by Apple four years ago to head up its graphic stuff, has been re-poached by AMD, it has been confirmed.

Russia's Technopark wants to take on Silicon Valley

The legendary success of Silicon Valley has led to many imitators around the world—such as Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Sao Paulo, Brazil—that are trying to catch the same magical, self-sustaining combination of innovation and venture capital.

Record-breaking millipede discovered on outskirts of Silicon Valley

Scientists from the University of Arizona have released a video of the leggiest animal on Earth, the  millipede Illacme plenipes, which has 750 legs.

Silicon Valley eyes Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reportedly managed to raise at least $1.76 million in Silicon Valley from a number of high-profile individuals, including Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen.

Average Silicon Valley tech salaries now top six figures

Silicon Valley tech salaries have topped $100,000 for the first time, with bonuses on the rise too.

How to create a better world - the IBM way

I’m at IBM’s millennial event in New York - a conference which is focused on attempting to define what makes for great leadership.

Silicon Valley falls out of love with Obama

Silicon Valley is apparently falling out of love with President Obama. 

Why, you ask?

Why China is the new Silicon Valley

There is a deeply ingrained mindset among those who work in China's increasingly hot technology sector that foreign Internet companies are doomed to fail here.

Bloom Boxes powering NTT data center

NTT America, a subsidiary of Japanese telecom giant NTT, has selected Bloom Energy Servers to power its new Silicon Valley data center. 

On sex and sleaze in Silicon Valley

Ah, Silicon Valley. Those two words conjure up images of gently rolling hills, shiny buildings and startup companies in hipster lofts filled with innumerable empty cans of Pabst and discarded pizza boxes.

How to succeed in Silicon Valley

More than 90% of new startups in Silicon Valley are expected to fail over the next three to five years. Is there anything fledging companies can do to beat the odds?

Obama hobnobs with Silicon Valley bigwigs

President Barack Obama flew to California yesterday to hobnob with Silicon Valley bigwigs about job creation and education. The president - who was hosted by prominent VC capitalist John Doerr - had dinner with a star-studded tech lineup, including Carol Bartz (Yahoo) and Steve Jobs (Apple).

Silicon Valley rep endorses Nancy Pelosi

Silicon Valley Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) is voicing her support for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader.

Does Silicon Valley care more about profit than jobs?

Silicon Valley’s hypocrisy has been highlighted once again by its opposition to a bill that could help lower unemployment by temporarily freezing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Steve Jobs gets his own iSitcom

As if we didn’t have enough rubbish to watch on TV, we may soon be treated to a sitcom based on Steve Jobs and his huge ego.