Are kids fed up with their iPhones?

Nokia apparently believes kids are fed up with Apple's wildly popular iPhone. If you ask me, this controversial claim is incredibly reminiscent of Steve Ballmer insisting the iPhone would have no real chance of succeeding in the mobile market.

T-Mobile killing Sidekick 'Danger' services, offers Android merge

For years, T-Mobile's popular line of 'Sidekick' phones ignited the carrier's brand and made it the cool, hip thing in town. Now, the clunky old Qwerty phones look like something out of the Stone Age and T-Mobile is ready to stop support for the backbone of the outdated platform.

T-Mobile's Sidekick returns, in brand spanking 4G

The "Sidekick" brand that defined a generation of early smartphones back in the day is set to make a comeback, as T-Mobile works to make its 4G product offering as recognizable as possible.

T-Mobile's Sidekick gets kicked aside

The long-running Sidekick product line has finally reached its end, as T-Mobile plans to discontinue the remaining 2 Sidekick models and end its relationship with the product's manufacturer.