Video: The Nights Watch goes over the Game of Thrones Wall

HBO has posted a short animated film which offers up a bit of background information on The Wall.

Video: Dystopian Noon shifts the poles

The poles have shifted due to human interference, creating a critical imbalance.

Man with the Iron Fists prologue sails dangerous waters

Universal Pictures recently released an animated prologue for its upcoming martial arts fantasy film.

Video: Robbie - the six-thousand year robot

Robbie tells the story of an abandoned robot at the end of its six-thousand year battery life.

Video: Ridley Scott's Loom inhales the compound

RED Cameras has released a short speculative fiction film, written and directed by Luke Scott, on the Internet for free consumption.  

Video: Mama is a paranormal thriller

Universal Pictures recently released a synopsis for its upcoming supernatural thriller.

Valley of the Wind teaser smashes the pagodas

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo has released a teaser for its upcoming film-based exhibit.

Video: The Gate DNA mutates on the silver screen

The Gate, a short genre film by British filmmaker Matt Westrup, will be transformed into a feature length production by U.K. Wayfare.

Hibernation trailer runs into complications

Indie filmmaker Jon Mikel Caballero has released a trailer for his upcoming short, sci-fi drama, Hibernation.

This Archetype is dystopian sci-fi

The fact that effects and talent at this skill level can be found for the tiny budget of an independent studio is outstanding, and makes one wonder why Hollywood is still spending hundreds of millions of dollars per film.