Tiny company sues Zynga for patent infringement

Agincourt Gaming, a company that has just entered the social gaming space, is looking to take down its biggest competitor.

Zynga's Words with Friends hitting Facebook

Game publisher Zynga, which rose to rockstar status after it released the Facebook adventure Farmville, has just announced its latest social offering.

Zynga launches its 'most social game' yet

Zynga, the video game maker most known for its Facebook game Farmville, has just launched an ambitious new title.

Zynga wants to make the killer mobile app

The social games company that Facebook made a household name is pushing into the mobile market.

Cityville surpasses Farmville

Zynga's new game Cityville has become the most popular Facebook game to date, surpassing its own game Farmville in the process.

Zynga friends Android, promises social mobile games

After a successful stint with its iPhone presence, social gaming giant Zynga has confirmed support for the Google mobile operating system.

UPDATE: Digital Chocolate sues Facebook game giant Zynga over Mafia Wars

Casual gaming company Digital Chocolate has just filed suit against Zynga, the leader in social gaming, because it says it owns the exclusive rights to the name "Mafia Wars."