Youtube video-on-demand service finally moves forward

Google is now looking to compete in the premium video rental market.

Youtube adds support for 24/7 live streaming

As if people weren't spending enough time on Youtube as it is...

Mobile Youtube streaming hits 200 million videos/day

It wasn't that long ago that the vast majority of people didn't access the Internet at all with their cell phones. Now, you have statistics like this.

HTML5 mobile Youtube site goes live

Because the most popular phone in the country doesn't support the Flash video standard that powers Youtube, the video sharing giant has launched a new mobile site that's capable with the iPhone's replacement: HTML5.

Almost everyone who uses the Internet now watches online video

Google's stranglehold on the online video market is stronger than ever before, raking in more video activity than its closest eight competitors combined, times four.

Viacom loses in very important Youtube lawsuit

It's a major victory for Google today, and for Internet users all around, as a federal judge today said that the online giant never broke the law by allowing people to post copyrighted Viacom content on Youtube.

Rent full-length films on Youtube

Seemingly not satisfied with its top spot in the free streaming video market, Youtube is beginning to experiment with pay-per-view streaming movie rentals, offering full-length motion pictures starting at $1.99.