Xperia Play finally coming to US next week

Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play phone has finally been given a US release date.

Buggy Xperia Play delayed in Europe

Mobile customers wanting to get their game on with the unofficially dubbed "Playstation Phone" will have to wait a little longer.

Xperia X10 updated to Android 2.3

The rest of Sony Ericsson's Xperia line has kind of been brushed aside since the Xperia Play was announced, but make no mistake that they're still on everyone's radar.

We take the Xperia Play for a spin

I finally got my hands on Sony Ericsson's upcoming "PlayStation Phone," the Xperia Play, and after a solid play session I am hooked.

Sony Ericsson unveils Neo, details Play

Although its most recently announced phone is called Neo, it's not "the one" most people are paying attention to at this week's Mobile World Congress, as the unofficially-named "PlayStation phone" is on mass display for the first time.

PlayStation phone becomes official during Super Bowl

Now we know why Sony has been so cagey about confirming the so-called "PlayStation phone" and didn't even say anything about it at CES last month. It was planning a big reveal via a Super Bowl commercial.

Sony Ericsson becomes profitable again, thanks to Android

A funny thing happens when a historically disorganized company finally gets its hands on a good product...