Xoom sales are low...perhaps frighteningly low

It's possible that only 25,000 Xoom units have been sold to date.

Sprint might be getting Motorola's Atrix, Xoom next month

Two of the hottest mobile products right now are the Atrix phone and the Xoom tablet, both from Motorola.

Wi-Fi-only Xoom heading out, 'only' $599

Answering to complaints that the $800 Xoom is too expensive, Motorola has just announced a cheaper version set to debut at all the major big box stores.

Xoom 4G update won't be easy

Aside from the fact that the Xoom is the first device to run Android 3.0, the big deal with the Motorola tablet is that even though it only ships with 3G connectivity, it will be "upgradeable" to 4G. But if you look at the details, it's not going to be an easy process.

A company called Xoom sues Motorola. D'oh!

Over the last few weeks, there's been a lot of discussion over Motorola's new Android 3.0-based tablet, the Xoom. But now a company that actually has that same name is suing.

Gold-plated Xoom is the ultimate, ultimate tablet

If you're going to get a Motorola Xoom, the most expensive multimedia tablet to date, you may as well go all the way. The company has unveiled a version of the device in pure gold, but you can't buy it, you have to win it.

Xoom rumored to be priced at an insane $800

Motorola's anticipated Android-based Xoom tablet has been making a lot of headlines because it's the first to use Android 3.0 and is upgradeable to a 4G connection. But now it's making headlines for a less favorable reason.

Motorola prepares for huge Xoom sales

Could it be true the a million Xoom units will ship when the Android tablet is released next month? Motorola must have a good feeling about the gadget because it's amping up production in a big way.