Verizon's first Windows Phone 7 phone comes next week

It's a bit late to the game, but Verizon is now ready to launch a phone using Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 7 finally adding 'cut and paste' update

After waiting for months, facing a delayed update, and struggling through a previous, buggy update, Windows Phone 7 users are finally getting the ability to 'cut and paste.'

Radio Shack gets Windows Phone 7

In an effort to further increase its presence in the retail space, three Windows Phone 7 devices have just found their way to Radio Shack, one of the country's top retailers for mobile phone sales.

Windows Phone 7's gaming should make it sell, but is it?

It's a number that is lukewarm at best for Microsoft's much-anticipated new mobile platform. According to reports, the company sold 40,000 units in launch sales. That spans the handful of devices and two mobile carriers that put Windows Phone 7 phones in stock this week.

Windows Phone 7 officially launches in US today

Microsoft's new mobile operating system is now live and kicking in the US. Mobile retailers and Best Buy have flagship launch units in stock, though today is more about the platform as a whole than it is about specific products.

AT&T to give Zune content to people who buy Windows Phone 7

You know who stands the most to gain with a high-profile mobile platform launch? How about the guy that's losing out on its biggest exclusivity deal of all time.