Windows Phone 7 reaches 30,000 app milestone

It may have had some pretty major snags so far, but developers are still willing to rally behind Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone market share falling fast

Since the launch of Microsoft's new mobile operating system, the market share of Windows-powered smartphones has fallen 38%.

Microsoft slightly tweaks Windows Phone logo

The official logo for Microsoft's new mobile phone platform has been given a mini-facelift.

Microsoft envisions $100 Windows Phones

Here's another way Microsoft hopes it can compete in the hyper competitive smartphone race - price.

Here's the very first Windows Phone Nokia phone

During a media event today, Nokia unveiled its first Windows Phone-powered mobile device.

Microsoft wants expensive apps on Windows Phone

Microsoft thinks there are too many cheap apps out there.

HTC confirms Windows Phone Mango plans

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has confirmed it is working with the new version of Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7.5 will turn apps on their head

We've just gotten a first look at the first major update to Microsoft's mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 'Mango' will have 500+ new features

Tomorrow, Microsoft is set to unveil the new version of Windows Phone and it looks to be a massive update.

Russia believes Nokia Windows Phone will come this year

If you want to be the first to grab a Nokia-branded Windows Phone-powered phone, you may want to head to Russia.

What can we expect with this month's WinPho update?

Microsoft will be holding a Windows Phone 7 event later this month, but will it be enough?

Microsoft condemns unofficial Windows Phone 7 updates

If you updated you Windows Phone 7 device through unofficial means, Microsoft has no sympathy for you.

Windows Phone update patches security issues

Microsoft has issued its first security-centric update to Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone stores your location too

After all the coverage of iPhone and Android location tracking, Microsoft says its mobile platform does the same thing.

Microsoft details Windows Phone 'Mango' update

If you're feeling fruity, this mobile operating system upgrade is designed for you.

Microsoft courts Windows Phone 7 devs

Microsoft will be hosting "boot camp" training sessions on Windows Phone 7 this week.

Microsoft gives out Windows Phone 7 numbers "that matter"

The software giant doesn't think sales numbers matter.

'Fixed' Windows Phone 7 update is failing again

Microsoft was in the middle of a firestorm last month after a software update caused numerous Windows Phone 7-equipped Samsung phones to become unusable. Microsoft pulled the update, fixed it, and released it again...but the problems aren't fully fixed.

Windows Phone 7 update fixed

Microsoft has re-released a software update for its Windows Phone 7 platform, after it had to yank it off line due to concerns it was breaking some devices.

Windows Phone 7 update had a 10% fail rate

When Microsoft issued an update to its Windows Phone 7 platform, the last thing it wanted was for it to cause a headache to the loyal early adopters, but that's exactly what has happened to one-in-ten WP7 owners.