Microsoft confirms Windows 8 app store

There will be a centralized online hub, managed by Microsoft, for Windows 8 users to find, purchase, and download software from any publisher.

Windows Phone manager quits

The man who was at the top of Microsoft's new mobile operating system has resigned after working at the company for 21 years.

Windows XP market share falls below 50%

Though it is still the world's most popular operating system, Windows XP no longer has a majority of the global OS market share.

Windows XP will finally, really die in 3 years

No seriously this time...

Windows 8 likely coming out fall 2012

There are new details about exactly when Windows 8 will be hitting store shelves.

Very first Windows 8 video surfaces

We knew it was only a matter of time, yet it's a huge story nevertheless.

Microsoft won't sell a dedicated portable game device

Microsoft has confirmed it has no interest in selling any sort of portable Xbox, and will instead focus all of its mobile gaming energy to the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

Microsoft sets one-day patch record

Year after year after year, Microsoft has consistently kept its software up-to-date and as safe as possible by releasing security fixes to users at the same time every month. But none of these updates has ever been as big as the one that was pushed out to Windows customers yesterday.

Microsoft tips off a 2012 Windows 8 launch

It looks like the next-generation Windows operating system is less than two years away.

Microsoft confirms Oct 11 as Windows Phone 7 launch

It's unlikely to be greeted with the same enthusiasm as the launch of Android or the iPhone, but October 11 will be a monumental day for Microsoft as it begins its last big chance to regain relevance in the mobile phone market.

Windows Phone 7 to move toward enterprise customers

Regardless of whether or not Windows Phone 7 becomes a success among regular consumers, Microsoft has already written the next step in its playbook: trying to woo the nearly impenetrable enterprise market.

Microsoft rolls out gigantic security update

Microsoft's regularly scheduled security update is getting a bit more than its typical once-over this morning, as it patches 34 different problems, tying the record for the most vulnerabilities ever tackled in one of the company's standard updates.

Windows Phone 7 coming in October, hitting Europe first

The first solid details on when we can actually expect a Windows Phone 7 phone to be on the market have finally surface, with Microsoft claiming that the platform will officially launch in October in Europe.

Windows 7 already more dominant than Vista

In the world of monopolistic operating systems, it certainly didn't take long for Windows 7 to be on more computer than Microsoft's previous, bungled platform Windows Vista.

Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung: Welcome to Windows Phone 7

While there's still shockingly few details about the launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft has now at least revealed a list of manufacturers that will be producing the first set of Phone 7 handsets.

Windows Live Phone to integrate with Zune, Xbox

Microsoft has shed some light on new details about its upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, and it is incorporating its favorite word across all devices: "Live"

Windows XP will never die

Microsoft originally said that new owners of Windows 7 who wanted to downgrade to XP would only have until 2011 to do so, but now the company has changed its mind and extended support for the old operating system until 2020.

Google Apps pries young minds away from Microsoft

New training programs for education are laying the foundation for Google's advance into schools.