T-Mobile shifts to data overage fees

After championing its position to not charge overage fees for capped data customers, T-Mobile has made an about-face.

T-Mobile brands data caps as "Value" plans

T-Mobile will soon start offering limits on smartphone data customers, but it won't get rid of unlimited.

T-Mobile brings caller ID to cell phones

It's a move that will surely leave some people saying, "Why did it take this long?"

T-Mobile reveals cheapest 4G phone yet

Coming in at just $80 after mail-in rebate, T-Mobile's Exhibit 4G is one of the most accessible 4G devices yet.

T-Mobile killing Sidekick 'Danger' services, offers Android merge

For years, T-Mobile's popular line of 'Sidekick' phones ignited the carrier's brand and made it the cool, hip thing in town. Now, the clunky old Qwerty phones look like something out of the Stone Age and T-Mobile is ready to stop support for the backbone of the outdated platform.

T-Mobile reportedly set to lower unlimited plan rates

In a world where customers are nickel-and-dimed for everything and everything only gets more expensive, T-Mobile is apparently going to offer a rather refreshing move in the opposite direction.

T-Mobile phones can block texting while driving

Most people might find it hard to stomach paying for a service that actually stops them from being able to do something, but when it comes to texting while driving, T-Mobile thinks at least some customers might bite.

Nasty rumor suggests Samsung intentionally delaying Android update

T-Mobile customers who bought Samsung's Vibrant phone last year have been patiently waiting to receive a firmware upgrade to Android 2.2, which was first made available several months ago.

New rumored phone would be T-Mobile's fastest

Now that the Verizon iPhone is official, the mobile rumor mill is turning its attention to other things. Other things, that is, like the Samsung Vibrant 4G, which is rumored to be the single fastest phone to ever run on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile finally grows a pair, gloats "largest 4G network"

T-Mobile is a huge, worldwide telecom company that probably doesn't spend as much time focusing on the US market as it should. But that has all changed now as the company has launched a brand new marketing campaign to create awareness of its new 4G network.

T-Mobile officially crowns G2, its first next-gen network phone

Sprint has been enjoying all the exposure it's getting with the nation's first deployed 4G network and 4G capable phones, but the tide will shift later this month when the G2 from T-Mobile hits store shelves.

T-Mobile confirms G2, hopes to get back in Android headlines

T-Mobile has updated an online teaser page for its next Android device to show that the first phone to run on its next-gen HSPA+ network will be called the G2.