Sony admits some PSN data was unencrypted

The ongoing saga of Sony's massive data hack continues, and not in a good way for Sony.

Sony justifies delayed PS3 sensitive data theft warning

There's a reason Sony waited several days to tell PSN users their data was compromised.

Sony reeling after Playstation attack

It may be a few days before you can sign in to the PS3 online service.

Stupid man tries to rob a store with a PS3 controller

File this one under things we never thought we'd put in a headline.

PS3: 50 million served

Sony has announced that worldwide sales of the PS3 have just passed 50 million units.

What type of gamer are you? Now there's an answer

Analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has tackled one of the most common questions in the gaming industry.

George Hotz hacker settlement terms exposed

So much for the part of the settlement deal between Sony and hacker George Hotz where it was agreed not to reveal the settlement details.

Chrome browser may be coming to PS3

If the latest rumor is to be believed, Sony and Google are working on bringing the Chrome Web browser to the PS3.

Sony lets you make Red Cross donations from your PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is headquartered in Japan, and this month's natural disasters have halted production at some facilities, potentially for months.

Sony subpoenas PS3 hacker's Paypal, Twitter, Google records

Sony will be able to peer through virtually all recent Internet activity of famed PS3 hacker George Hotz.

PS3 ban lifted in Europe

The Hague Court in the Netherlands has reversed an earlier legal decision that made it impossible for PS3 consoles to be distributed in Europe.

Sony strikes first blood in PS3 hacking case

After years of hard work in trying to prevent people from playing unauthorized games on its newest game console, Sony finally has a victory in its belt.

Sony more obsessed with 3D than ever

A lot of companies have 3D fever these days, but few can match the ferver and sheer breadth of 3D material available from Sony at this year's CES expo.

More Square Enix classics coming to PS3

After exhausting the library of PSOne Final Fantasy games, Square Enix is digging deeper into its catalog to bring more of its classic titles from yesteryear to the PS3 and PSP.

When will Sony's PlayStation Network stop bleeding money?

The PS3's online service is completely free. So how does it make money? It doesn't. But now, thanks to some new decisions from Sony, it may actually be able to start turning a profit.

Did Sony plant a fake contestant into "The Tester"?

After yesterday's episode of the PlayStation Network reality series The Tester, rumblings are beginning to surface that the big, obnoxious, drama-inducing contestant Big Fazeek wasn't who he appeared to be. NOTE: Spoiler Alert

Russian tweet appears to have leaked Mass Effect 3

A seemingly innocuous Twitter message is making a lot of waves this morning, as Sony's team in Russia has reportedly confirmed the existence of a game no one else was ready to announce quite yet.

Vudu coming to PS3 next week

PS3 owners will soon have even more options for how to watch high definition movies from their game console, as on-demand streaming service  Vudu has just signed a deal with Sony for an exclusive PS3 app.

Hackers still manage to break through latest PS3 firmware

The most recent version of Sony's PS3 firmware was supposed to stop the epidemic of "jailbreaking" once and for all. Well, Sony, how's that working out for you?

Sony releasing standalone 320 GB PS3 for $350

Sony has just announced it will be releasing the 320 GB PS3 unit, which is currently bundled in a $400 PlayStation Move-centric hardware package, as a standalone console in time for the holiday shopping season. At $350, it'll be the most expensive standalone console system on the market.