Playstation-branded 3D TV now up for pre-orders

Sony's flagship Playstation-branded 3D TV is now available for consumers to pre-order.

Playstation boss slaps Nintendo in the face

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton says it's over for the Wii, and the DS is for kids only.

PlayStation games now available on Android Market

Multiple titles have been put up ahead of the Xperia Play launch.

Will we see the PlayStation phone at CES? Signs points to no

CES. It's the world's launching pad for everything cool and noteworthy in the technology industry. But Sony seems to already have enough on its plate as it is, so it will not be showing off a PlayStation-centric mobile phone as many had hoped.

Super clear video of alleged PlayStation phone let loose

As rumors of an upcoming "PlayStation phone" hit a fever pitch, there's now a new video posted online that shows a clear, succinct look at the device in action.