Mobile shopping reaches a crescendo

Although mobile commerce is still experiencing teething problems in most markets, a growing number of consumers are turning to smartphones to improve their shopping experience. Even when they are not making actual transactions, they are using their smartphones to learn more about products and services.

Mobile commerce confirmed to grow

Mobile commerce is slowly but surely going mainstream and a recent report from BI Intelligence found that m-commerce spending will skyrocket over the next couple of years.

Google to sell groceries online

Google is not content with dominating the search and mobile OS space. Now it wants to deliver our groceries, too. The company is about to roll out a new same-day delivery service in San Francisco and several suburbs south of the city, AP reports. 

Do frequent shoppers live longer?

Shoppers, rejoice! Yes, regular shopping helps people live longer, at least according to a recent survery published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Security researchers go shopping for free

Security researchers at Microsoft Research and Indiana University say they've been able to get products for free or well below the correct price from several major online stores.

Christmas Is Coming: PC Shopping Guide

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