Majority of users prefer mobile browser over apps

While there is all sorts of buzz in the app market these days, most smartphone users still prefer to use a mobile browser.

Facebook launches app for non-"smart" phones

Everyone's accessing Facebook on their phones these days. Well, that is, as long as they have a Droid, Blackberry, or iPhone. What about everyone else? Well, now there's an app for that too.

Mobile games to topple $10 billion by 2014

From a niche market to one that's quickly becoming the most important, mobile gaming is expected to continue to climb at an exhilarating rate for at least the next four years.

Holy moly alert! Teens exchanging 3,339 texts per month

If you think you see people never letting go of their mobile phones, you aren't imagining things. The latest report from Nielsen shows that the average teen in the US is now sending and/or receiving 3,339 text messages every month.

AT&T set to sell very first satellite phone

Mired by complaints about its mobile phone coverage in the US, AT&T has announced the TerreStar Genus, a phone that can get reception absolutely anywhere in the country as long as the user has a clear view of the sky.

Sluggish AT&T might roll out 4G network next year

AT&T's next-generation mobile network won't be up and running until about a year from now, making it the slowest of the major carriers to do so.

Texting now reaches 72% of adults

We've all seen students and teenagers unable to look up from their cell phones, but now the usage of texting is growing among the adult population as well.

Mobile TV going nowhere fast: researchers

If you have never watched streaming TV from your cell phone you aren't alone. Despite bit pushes from companies like MobiTV, only 5% of mobile users are expected to ever use their services by 2013.

Mobile phone trade group sues the city of San Francisco

San Francisco is known for doing some pretty crazy things, and now it has really peeved off the organization that represents the mobile phone industry with a crazy new radiation law.

Mobile subscriptions hit 5 billion, 70% of global population

The number of mobile phone service subscriptions is continuing to grow at a rate of 2 million every day, and has just eclipsed a mind-blowing 5 billion.

No-name company sues pretty much every mobile phone maker

NTP Inc, a company that has been labeled a "patent troll," has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Apple, HTC, and LG.

Maryland to become next state to ban cell phone driving

Governor Martin O'Malley is set to sign a new bill into law that will add Maryland to a small but growing list of states that ban talking on a cell phone while behind the wheel of a car.

25% of US households have a cell phone but no landline

One-fourth of American homes now has no traditional landline even though they do have mobile phone service, while only 15% have a landline with no cell phone.

11% of young adults will check texts during sex

Things are getting hot and sweaty when all of the sudden you hear that sound: a new text notification. What do you do? If you'd actually interrupt sex to check the message, you're not alone.