Nook Color gets exclusive Angry Birds content

Angry Birds is adding geo-location features and the Nook Color is the first to get them.

Nook app gets optimized for Android tablets

Instead of a super-sized version of the Nook Android phone app, an optimized version has been created for tablets.

Authors can now 'autograph' Nook books

If you're a Nook owner, you no longer need to feel left out at local book signing events.

DIY master turns Nook Color into an in-car system

Barnes & Noble still has a long way to go before it catches up to Amazon in the e-book war, but its latest e-reader has gained attention for non-reading reasons. While it is designed to be mainly an e-reading device, users have unlocked the interface to make it a full Android tablet. And now someone has taken that a step further.

Barnes & Noble launches "Nook Kids" label

In the heated battle for e-book supremacy, Barnes & Noble has turned its attention to a group of consumers with no disposable income of their own but who have a strong place in the world of literature - children.

Barnes & Noble to expand Nook presence in stores

Barnes & Noble is preparing to push the Nook in front of your face even more so than it already does by devoting more space, 1,000 square feet to be exact, for in-store displays.

Barnes & Noble pushes Nook app to Android

Android owners now have yet a bigger selection of choices for how they want to access electronic books, as Barnes & Noble has officially embraced the Android Market.

Best Buy to sell Barnes & Noble Nook

Barnes & Noble has decided to reach beyond of its own retail empire to sell the Nook, its branded e-book reader, and will begin making the device available to Best Buy.