Nokia buys Motorola's networking division for $1.2 billion

Motorola has sold off a good chunk of its mobile equipment unit to Nokia in a deal that will net Motorola a wad of much-needed cash and give Nokia opportunity to expand in the fast-moving mobile environment.

Nokia sells off modem unit for $200 million

Nokia has gutted one of its least profitable divisions, the one that sold wireless modems, as it concentrates on its mobile phone business.

Meego is already available on netbooks

The mobile operating system created by Intel and Nokia is going to have a tough time making a splash against Android and iPhone OS, but Meego is now available on netbooks where it stands to make some inroads.

Nokia and Yahoo to announce big new partnership

Nokia and Yahoo, two powerhouse companies that have been blindsighted by emerging technologies around them, are apparently working on something big.

Nokia's mobile phone boss quits after just 6 months

Nokia's executive vice president at the helm of the company's Mobile Phones unit is resigning from the position, after only 6 months of holding the job.

Nokia introduces high-end N8 smartphone

Nokia, the company that produces more phones per year than any other company, has just revealed its latest device, one that carries its biggest price tag in over 3 years.