Nokia banks entire company on Windows Phone

If the Windows Phone move doesn't end up working out, Nokia says it's pretty much over.

Nokia may outsource Windows Phone manufacturing

A new report suggests a very out-of-the-ordinary move for Nokia.

Nokia intros the first, and last, Meego phone

Nokia announced a handful of new phones today, including the first to be powered by its own Meego operating system.

Nokia not interested in making an ordinary tablet

It seems like everyone's in on the tablet wars these days.

Nokia launches new phones, still Symbian

So when will Windows Phone 7 start taking over exactly?

Nokia tries to entice US customers with $80 Astound

After failing to attract, well, anybody in the US with its high-end smartphones, Nokia has opted for a different route.

Development of Nokia Windows phone begins

The first Nokia phone to run Windows Phone 7 instead of Nokia's long-running Symbian platform is reportedly already in development.

Rumor: MS paying $1 billion to Nokia in phone deal

When the news broke that Nokia will be creating a new smartphone based on Windows Phone 7 instead its own first-party Symbian OS, many questioned why it would go with WP7 and not the more popular Android.

Nokia now reportedly eying Windows Phone deal

It could be the beginning of the end for Nokia's first-party mobile operating system, as it looks like the company is ready to ditch Symbian in favor of Windows Phone 7 for future smartphones.

Nokia may actually make an Android phone

It looks like pigs can fly and hell has frozen over, because Nokia has hinted that it might actually ditch its own mobile operating system to make a phone that runs on Android.

Nokia cancels X7 phone in the US

Well this may be it, folks. The X7, which was supposed to be one of the phones to bring Nokia back from the edge of the grave in countries like the US, will not be coming out here after all, thanks to the fact that carriers didn't seem at all interested.

Nokia looking at Windows Phone 7, the world crumbles

For almost 30 years, Nokia has been a leader in the mobile phone market and has exclusively used its own internally developed software to power them. But now, that's changing.

Nokia delays next-gen E7 phone

Nokia's hope to regain some relevance in the post-iPhone, post-Android mobile world has just taken another blow as the company decided to push back the release of its coveted E7 smartphone to next year.

Nokia fires 1,800 people amid smartphone crisis

Although its ability to meet demand for cheap phones is helping keep it well above water, Nokia has axes 3% of its workforce as it tries to restructure itself to meet the growing global mobile market.

Nokia expands Symbian^3 lineup with C7 phone

Nokia has launched a new high-end smartphone on its latest operating system that promises to be sexy, socially connected, and worthy of a spot alongside Android and iPhone.

Nokia's hopeful savior, the N8 phone, begins shipping

The N8 phone, which Nokia says is its most pre-ordered device ever, is now heading to customers and retailers across the country.

Nokia appoints former Microsoft guy as new CEO, experts worry

Nokia has crowned Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft employee and someone with a strong knowledge of the US software market, as its newest chief executive officer. However, the headlines aren't all hearts and roses for Elop.

Nokia wants to be relevant again with E7 phone

Nokia is preparing for a global media event next week, where it will reportedly unveil a number of new smartphones to compete with Android and the iPhone. The first known device will be called the E7.

Nokia totally buys mobile analytics company Motally

In an effort to find its way back to a solid footing in the US marketplace, Nokia has reportedly acquired a company specializing in mobile research and analysis.

Flagship Nokia Meego N9 phone pics leaked

Nokia's been working on its new Meego platform for a while now, and details about the first device to use it should be coming out any day now, but until then we have to rely on stuff like these photos that were recently leaked.