Half of Netflix users connect via game console

Just how important is Netflix's expansion in developing special apps for different platforms?

Netflix raises DVD rental membership prices

As it continues to push its streaming video service, Netflix has just made it a lot more expensive if you want unlimited DVD rentals.

Netflix goes down over the weekend

Customers wanting to spend the end of Father's Day watching a movie on Netflix were sorely disappointed.

Netflix slowly churns onto Android

For the first time, Android users can finally stream Netflix content on their mobile device. Well, some Android users...

Netflix reportedly mulling producing original TV shows

The leading online video streaming service may soon start streaming its own TV shows, according to sources that say Netflix is currently in talks with David Fincher and Kevin Spacey about the idea.

"Netflix button" coming soon to a remote near you

Is Netflix's instant streaming service so ubiquitous now that it deserves a permanent big red button on our remote controls? What do you think?

Netflix is coming to Android, but it'll be a slow process

Android owners have had a good reason to be jealous of iPhone and iPad users because the latter are able to stream Netflix movies on their devices. But due to security concerns, bringing the same app to Android is proving to be a tough problem.

Netflix is "embarrassed" by rogue actors in Canada

Yesterday was a big day for Netflix as it launched its streaming video service in Canada, but the company has some egg on its face after it appeared as though it paid actors to pretend to be excited during the announcement.

Canadians finally getting Netflix, eh?

Call in the Mounties because Canada is about to get flooded with something that heretofore has only been available in the United States of America - Netflix instant streaming.

Netflix partners with Relativity Media for more streaming

Netflix's Internet streaming service has just landed its latest deal, bringing Relativity Media titles to the service within a few months after their DVD releases.