Asustek preparing a $200 netbook for summer

The advent of the netbook market has been great for budget-conscious consumers, as it has opened up personal computers to people who don't have $1000 in their pocket.

This netbook is usable in direct sunlight

For years, we've relegated computer use to something that has to be done indoors. The sun makes it impossible to do anything on a laptop or netbook outside, due to unmanageable glare on the screen. That is becoming a thing of the past.

Firefox claims 40% of Euro browser share

Mozilla's little browser that could is actually on its way to dethroning Internet Explorer as the default, most widely used browser in the world, and the apex of its growth is in Europe.

"Folding keyboard" concept quashes worst netbook shortcoming

A picture is worth a thousand words, and by simply looking at this new concept netbook keyboard, anyone who has owned or touched a netbook should appreciate this folding, expandable keyboard.