Motorola interested in Windows Phone deal

Motorola seems almost a bit jealous of Nokia's sweetheart Windows Phone deal with Microsoft.

Sprint to hold Motorola event in New York next month

It looks like there are new Motorola phones coming from Sprint.

Best Buy may have leaked price, launch date of Xoom

Unless someone went to the trouble of creating and leaking a fake Best Buy ad, it looks like Motorola's Xoom tablet will be available in the big box store on February 24 for $800.

Motorola lashes out at bootloading question, apologizes

Motorola's brazen response to the question of why it doesn't allow users to root its phones caught many off guard, and now the company has officially come out to apologize.

Motorola Atrix phone aims to replace PCs

All these newfangled smartphones can really do a lot of powerful stuff. But could they really replace you computer? Motorola seems to think so.

Motorola Android tablet looks cool, isn't a "Droid"

We all knew it was coming. Motorola has created the most prolific Android phones yet and it was only a matter of time before the company made official its new Android tablet product. It doesn't carry the instantly recognizable "Droid" name, but perhaps it won't need to.

Juicy Motorola Citrus goes on sale tomorrow

Motorola's latest Android device for Verizon is surprisingly not something with the word "Droid" in it. It's the Citrus, a 3-inch, low-end Android device to complement Motorola's growing high-end offering.

Motorola still plays nice with Microsoft despite lawsuit

Even though Microsoft has slapped Motorola with a huge lawsuit over patent disputes with the Droid, Motorola's co-CEO is saying the company still plans to support Microsoft's fledgling mobile business when Windows Phone 7 launches later this year.

Motorola buys mobile social company Aloqa

Motorola's ability to tap into mobile users' social networking content will be getting a new facelift as a result of the company's latest acquisition.

Motorola Charms Android with new Blackberry-style phone

The veil has been lifted (leaked) on yet another Motorola Android phone, and this one brings updates to its Motoblur skin and a Blackberry-style candybar form factor.

Droid's successor to be Verizon-exclusive "Shadow"

Although Motorola's Droid continues to sell very well, the mobile phone maker has plans to roll out a successor to the device soon, code-named "Shadow."