WP7 Mango dev tools get updated

Microsoft has just released a new version of the software development kit for the updated version of its Windows Phone software, Mango.

World's first WP7 Mango phone will be in Japan

Toshiba-Fujitsu's IS12T will be the first smartphone in the world to carry Microsoft's updated version of Windows Phone out of the box.

Windows Phone Mango to pioneer indoor maps

One of the newest features revealed to be included in Windows Phone Mango is the ability to bring up maps when you're in a mall.

Microsoft pushes WP7 Mango to "Christmas"

Microsoft originally used the word "fall" to describe when the huge update to its Windows Phone platform would arrive.

More Windows Phone Mango features revealed

The ability to chat with friends over Xbox Live is just one of the new features coming to Windows Phone's Mango update.