Best Buy's "sold out" notice triggers Macbook rumors

You can no longer buy a Macbook Air from

New Macbooks may be on the way

After Apple has stopped shipping its Macbook notebooks for about two weeks, and retailers have reportedly begun receiving notice not to open new shipments headed to their stores, it's being speculated that the new products are brand new, updated versions of the laptop computer line.

Safari 5 goes out into the wild

Apple has released the newest version of its Internet browser, Safari 5, which claims to have a "30 percent performance increase over Safari 4."

Sex and the City drops Apple product placement

It's an iconic scene: Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker's character in Sex and the City, sitting at her Mac computer and typing away her daily insights. Well, guess what? That Mac is now a PC.

Electronics thieves caught thanks to iPhone GPS

A man who had prior convictions for burglary and grand theft is back behind bars after he made the mistake of stealing an iPhone that had the GPS tracking app Mobile Me installed.