Mac App Store brings in huge revenues

The Mac App Store, Apple's attempt at making a computer software download service as easy as the App Stores on iPhone and iPad, is already pulling in about half as many downloads as the iPad.

Apple scraps all restocking fees

Remember what an amazing, earth-shattering thing it was when Steve Jobs said buyers on a faulty iPhone 4 could return their defective device without paying a restocking fee? Well, apparently, the Earth just completely exploded.

Mac App Store zooms to a million downloads

There have now been more than a million "apps" downloaded from Apple's new online platform that makes finding a program for your computer as easy as finding an app for your phone. That didn't take long.

Obama calls Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, epitome of American dream

It looks like President Barack Obama might be a MacHead, because when given the opportunity to call out someone as the best example of a man who has achieved the American dream he picked out Steve Jobs over everyone else.

Mac App Store = Death of current Web store

In an effort to get users to start using Apple's brand spanking new Mac App Store when it launches next month, the company will completely shut down its existing Web-based digital download store.

Mac App Store launching January 6

Downloading software programs for your Mac computer is about to get as easy as installing Angry Birds on your iPhone, as a completely functional "Mac App Store" is said to launch on January 6.

New Mac Pro available for order

Customers can now purchase the latest Apple-branded computer, a monster 12-core system with two 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon "Westmere" processors, for around $5,000.

Old-school MacPaint's source code donated to museum

One of the very first computer drawing programs with a graphical user interface is now on display at the Computer History Museum, with the full source code available for all to see.

Apple dismisses Blu-ray entirely

If you're waiting for a Mac that will come with a Blu-ray Disc drive, you may want to give up. Steve Jobs says the high-capacity format will quickly become useless.