LG's glasses-free 3D phone will be just $99

The second smartphone to hit the market with true 3D display functionality will be 50% cheaper than the first.

LG says 80% of consumers prefer passive 3D

An LG-commissioned study reveals the vast majority of consumers don't want expensive active-shutter 3D TVs.

LG Optimus 3D phone will soon be a reality

Just as the world prepares for HTC's glasses-free 3D phone, LG is ready to release its one as well.

LG Revolution comes with Netflix pre-installed

LG is launching the first Android phone with Netflix support out of the box.

LG's glasses-free 3D tablet will come with 3D glasses

Even though the upcoming G-Slate tablet won't require the use of 3D glasses, it will come with a pair of glasses anyway.

AT&T announces its own glasses-free 3D phone

Just in time for this week's CTIA conference in Orlando, AT&T has announced two brand new smartphones, one of which it promises will be the first "glasses-free 3D" phone to hit store shelves.

Samsung disses LG's cheaper 3D option

LG announced this week that it has begun shipping new 3D TVs, using the same kind of technology used in movie theaters, as a way to appeal to more budget-conscious consumers. But Samsung says that's a step in the wrong direction.

LG's theater 3D TV begins shipping

It's a new day in the world of 3D home media, as LG is beginning to ship its first line of 3D TVs that use the same kind of technology as that used in movie theaters across the country.

Just how powerful is LG's Optimus 3D? Pretty damn powerful

It's one thing to make a whole lot of floaty claims and impressive marketing speak, but it's quite another to actually make good on those words. LG's very impressive Android-based 3D phone looks like it can actually walk the walk.

Sweet details emerge of first 3D Honeycomb tablet, from LG

When it comes to the tablet market, it seems like there's a new innovation every few months. And this is potentially the biggest innovation yet, as LG and T-Mobile become the first to offer a glasses-free 3D tablet.

LG Optimus 3D pictures surface

Photos of a new LG Android phone have made their way to the Internet. It's assumed they are the much-hyped Optimus 3D device, though without seeing it in person it's impossible to be sure.

LG plans a line of 3D phones

So you've got a 3D TV, 3D computer, 3D Blu-ray player. You've put your pre-order in for your 3DS and you're taking pictures with your new 3D digital camera. Isn't it time you got a 3D phone?

LG reportedly working on glasses-free 3D tablet

All these iPad competitors out there are really having a tough time setting them apart from the pack. But that may soon change as companies like LG start incorporating 3D displays that don't require special 3D glasses.

LG working on glasses-free 3D phone: rumor

We've seen the technology come to digital photo frames, 3D camera viewfinders, TV sets, and computer monitors, and now it's the smartphone's turn.

LG's very simply named "B" phone outed

Guess what, Apple? The iPhone 4 will have to step aside as the world's skinniest smartphone. There's a new entry from LG on the way, and in addition to having the slimmest name on the market, it'll also have the slimmest form factor.

First dual-core Android handset goes to LG

Samsung has its Galaxy S, Motorola has the Droid, HTC has the Evo, and now it's time for LG to step up its game. And boy, is it rising to the occasion.

13-year-old wins $50,000 texting competition

A Brooklyn teenage girl who says she sends around 6,000 text messages a month won the National Texting Championship yesterday and takes home a grand prize of $50,000.

LG CEO resigns under pressure

Yong Nam, a man who reigned at the top position of LG for just three years, has announced that he will step down amidst deepening pressure that he leave the fledgling company.

LG unveils entry-level Android 2.2 phones

LG, a company that really hasn't earned a lot of attention in the Android world, has just launched two new mobile phones. And they're just about the lowest-end devices we've seen yet to come packed in with Android 2.2.

LG gets smacked in the face over patent lawsuit

LG's patent infringement lawsuit against Taiwan-based AU Optronics took an unexpected turn, as the final ruling not only found no fault against AU but in fact found AU as the victim, and now LG is the guilty party.